Why we chose to join the James Beard Foundation Sustainable Seafood Partnership program

By March 22, 2018Company, Industry

Released by The Blue Ocean Mariculture ‘Ohana, March 22, 2018

We decided to join the James Beard Foundation (JBF) Sustainable Seafood Partnership effort to engage with top chefs and restaurant professionals on the future of seafood in the US. We are concerned about the over fishing of our nations fisheries, the demise of tuna stocks around the globe, and about the US trade deficit for seafood. Frankly, we were thrilled to be asked to join the effort – it’s time to take important steps forward.

So why JBF? The members of this not-for-profit Foundation are top chefs and restaurant professionals that influence the future of the culinary trade. They start trends and they lead the industry on important issues. Aspiring chefs are inspired by JBF nominated & award winning professionals that drive our market forward. When given the opportunity to talk about seafood, this is the perfect place and the perfect partner for us.

Blue Ocean Mariculture produces delicious Hawaiian Kanpachi in Hawaii. We are the only open ocean aquaculture business in the nation, and we are deeply committed to responsible and sustainable seafood production. We have built our entire business around the principals of healthy fish, clean water, reporting transparency, and food security for Hawaii. We honor the rich 500-year Hawaiian aquaculture history and the quality of our Hawaiian Kanpachi is a manifestation of this deep history. Our team of professionals includes marine biologists, certified commercial divers, and leaders in local conservation efforts.

With this JBF Sustainable Seafood Partnership, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with other global leaders in sustainable seafood production.
We will have our first impact program meeting in early June, 2018, in Washington, D.C., to lay the foundation for educating chefs on the important issues facing global seafood production, and how to both protect our precious wild resources and create delicious and inspiring menus.

As global populations grow, we look to our mighty oceans for high-quality and low-environmental impact protein production. We are doing it right at Blue Ocean Mariculture, and we look forward to sharing our knowledge and advocating for responsible practices to move the seafood industry forward.