Hawaiian Kanpachi collars are a very popular item here in Kona, and we sell them at our walk-up facility down here at Keahole point. You can pick up a five pound bag of collars and prepare this dish. Our fish is versatile and you will find that there is no wrong way to cook it. Grilling is popular, because the fish will literally fall off the bone. Our featured Chef, Chad Yamamoto, has created a Chimichuri that pairs so well with the char of the meat. 

Chimchurri Collars


6-8 Grilled Kanpachi Collars (seasoned with salt and pepper)

Ogo Chimichuri:

¾ cup green Ogo (sea beans or sea asparagus makes a great alternative)

4 cloves of fresh garlic

4 Table spoons rice vinegar (sub sherry vinegar)

¼ Table spoon fresh red chili (red pepper flakes, fresh jalapeño or Serrano pepper)

¼ cup Chive / Green Onion

¼ cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Salt to taste

Finely chop Ogo, chives, garlic and red chili or process in a food processor. Place aside in a bowl.

Stir in Olive oil, vinegar and adjust seasoning.  Pour over grilled collars and serve.

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