Kobujime is an ancient method of preserving fish by curing it between layers of konbu, which infuses it with umami. Humans have been preserving fish using salt for hundreds of years. This is a simple recipe that brings out the natural brine from the limu enhances the flavors of our Hawaiian Kanpachi in this dish…

 Kobujime-2   PreservingKanpachi


  • 1 loin Hawaiian Kanpachi center bone removed
  • 2 sheets Konbu ( dried kelp )

Konbu varies in thickness and size. Select Konbu that is slightly smaller than the surface area of the filet.

Rehydrate Konbu in room temperature water until soft and pliable. Remove from water and set aside.

Place the fish on one of the pieces of Konbu and then flip the other piece of Konbu onto the fish covering all sides of the fish completely. Wrap tightly with plastic wrap.

Let cure overnight. 


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