What is Hawaiian Kanpachi?

Latin Name: Seriola rivoliana

Previously known as: Kona Kampachi/Kanpachi

Distribution: Wild populations of Seriola rivoliana extend around the globe. Native species exist from California to Peru, the Azores to Spain, and Japan to the Philippines. 

Seriola rivoliana is called kanpachi by the Japanese and kahala in Hawaiian. When young, the distinctive bands centered over the eyes look similar to the Japanese symbol for the number eight (“pachi” or “ハ”), giving the fish its name, “kan pachi” or “center eight.” Kanpachi is marked by a dark blue-green upper body with a lavender-tinted belly and elongated fins.

OUR FISH Production


Blue Ocean Mariculture Hawaiian Kanpachi is a product of the United States of America. We harvest twice weekly and can reliably supply our customers with premium-quality fish according to the requirements of their businesses. If you’d like to order Hawaiian Kanpachi for your restaurant or food service operation, please contact us.

Culinary Uses

Blue Ocean Mariculture raises each of our Hawaiian Kanpachi to the highest standards of quality and taste, in an environmentally conscious and safe manner, with deep respect for the oceans. With a clean, fresh, and subtle flavor profile, firm flesh, and slightly pink coloration, our kanpachi is extremely versatile and prized by Japanese itamae and top chefs around the world.



Hawaiian Kanpachi is an excellent source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, helping reduce the risk of high cholesterol, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Our fish are raised without antibiotics or hormones, and their feed does not contain GMO ingredients. Each fish weighs approximately 2.6 kilograms.