TECHNIQUE: Hawaiian Kanpachi Filet




Learning to filet your own fish is a skill that can save you money and is sustainable in using as much of the fish as possible, watch this video and we will show you how!

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Tips to ensure a successful filet:

The best knife for filleting fish is a filleting knife, which is recognizable by its long, thin, and flexible blade. The flexibility of the blade is helpful, since it allows you to press down against the bones as you work and it will conform to their contours better than a rigid knife would. Its thinness, meanwhile, reduces friction as the knife slides between meat and bones. Make sure it is sharpened.

Make sure you have something dry to hold on to the fish, while you are fileting. This will prevent it from slipping while you cut.


Step 1: Remove Fins, Scales, and Guts

Step 2: Check for Scales

Step 3: Slice Behind the Head

Step 4: Remove First Fillet

Step 5: Flip Fish and Remove Second Fillet

Step 6: Trim the Fillets, and Remove Pin Bones

Step 7: Portion Fillets


Keep practicing and each time you will see improvement! Remember: Don't throw away any fish parts that can be used to make Hawaiian Kanpachi Stock!


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