Hawaiian Kanpachi with Shitake Mushroom "Donabe Style":

SERVES 2                                                TIME: 25 MINUTES


Rich Umami Flavors!





Part: Filet


Donabe is a traditional cooking vessel, made from a clay that is porous and coarse. In the area around Iga, Iga-yaki (Iga-style) donabe, have been made since 1832. Donabe is excellent for making soups, stews, and braised dishes, but you can also use it for steaming, roasting, or cooking. Donabe holds heat exceptionally, which makes it an ideal vessel for cooking our Hawaiian Kanpachi, as it brings out the natural richness in the fish.  

The Rich umami flavors are so prevalent in this dish. The richness of the broth is embraced with the salty, earth flavors of mushroom, soy and Dashi...


  • 2 Hawaiian Kanpachi Filets (cut into thirds)
  • 2 cups Calrose rice
  • 5 cups Dashi (chicken or vegetable stock as substitute)
  • 1 tablespoons soy sauce
  • ¼ cup Shiitake Mushrooms sliced thin (Crimini and trumpet mushrooms make a good alternative)
  • 1 sprig of cilantro for garnish


In a ceramic pot (sauce pan will work also, if you don't have a Donabe pot), fill with rice and enough cold water to submerge. Using your hand, gently move your hand in circular motion. Pour out starchy water and repeat the process a few times or until water becomes clear.

Pour out remaining water and add dashi/stock and mushrooms to rice and mix till mushrooms are dispersed evenly. Lay Kanpachi on top of rice skin side up, cover and cook on medium high until boiling, then reduce to low. Continue to simmer or steam until the rice is tender (about 20-30 minutes).

Garnish with fresh herbs and something colorful, like red pepper, cilantro or shaved carrots and enjoy!

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